Smart Broker Solutions offers a simple, intelligent solution, designed by a team of people who have first-hand experience of being customers – both as a forex start-up and also of a company servicing brokers.

We haven’t seen a competitor in the market able to tick all the boxes we can. Some are market makers, which makes the broker client business very difficult; some are too expensive in terms of set up fees and monthly maintenance, which makes the entry level too high for a certain segment of the market, and others are extremely costly in terms of staff, development investment and office maintenance. While our competitors are making things overly complex to differentiate themselves, Smart Broker Solutions has a simple, high quality offer, with a focus on competitive pricing and excellent service.

We believe that we offer the most competitive solution in the market – a solution designed to bring transparency trading to the end customer and multiple revenue streams to the broker. Our experience in dealing with start-ups and forex brokers for many years combined with our pricing and customer care sets us apart from other companies. We are bringing something far more competitive and convenient to the market.