Already Established Brokers

We understand our client’s needs whether as fully established brokerage looking for additional solutions to cater its size and growth. We specialize in sharing ideas and advise that suit your budget and requirements. Our main priority is to offer you the solution you need by understanding your business first, so that you can focus on the most important parts of your business, converting your client into profit.

What can we do for an established broker?

  • Set up an operation in the UK – Estonia – Malta
    • Set up plan
    • License assistance
    • Professional services (compliance, accounting, reporting, legal processes)
  • Optimize your liquidity
    • Lower your spreads
    • Increase the amount of assets to your offer
    • Increase your execution speed
  • Acquire new and better systems
    • Trading Platforms
    • Liquidity Bridge
    • Risk management tools
    • Affiliate Software
    • Mobile apps/Client Cabinet
    • CRM

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We can built a customized package for your established broker

Through our sister company BWFX Consulting we can help you with all your marketing communications and increasing your scope by new market penetration as Latam and Europe